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Is this a sick joke...

Well Friday I got a card though the door telling me I have to go collect something as there wasn't enough postage on it and ended up trying to find out what it might have been as I wasn't expecting anything in the mail

Saturday: Just had to walk round there 6:30am in the freezing cold just to pay the NINE pence it was short plus the £1 handling fee. It was a letter from Pinnacle People (The Job Centre course I'm stuck on) telling me I have to be there in the 12th for a mandatory appointment. They sent two sheets of A4 paper in a flat A4 envelope and just slapped a 1st class stamp on it which isn't enough postage for that size of envelope, instead of folding it properly and putting it an normal sized letter envelope that WOULD have been covered by that stamp.

So I basically just got charged for something they could have A. Just given me when I was in last, B. Could have e-mailed me, C. Could have called my phone and told me. Instead of wasting my time and money like this.

I better had get refunded for this when I get in there next, this is plain stupidity and these are the idiots that are meant to be helping me find work...
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29. A Mobile Adventure

So yeah as folks on my phone contacts likely already know I finally took the big lea forwards into the gadget generation and updated my ageing Nokia into a Samsung Galaxy S4 and it's totally baffling me so far I've used it for many things other than actually making a phone call.

So yeah the Crux is getting dangerously close to modern technology, danger danger and all that - though I still refuse to touch the WiiU/Xbone/PS4 with the rotting arm of a dead hooker. I'll forever be the Retro Crux when it comes to games :3
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Confuzzled 2013: The Middle Ages: A Medieval Fayre - Report

Myself and Budger arrived on the early start on the Wednesday booked in unloaded the Crux from the vehicle and got settled in before we went on a hunt for other folks we knew to collect room numbers and got our early registration done out of the way before the first room party of the night where we met up with Zuki, Fruitloop and co and had a fun time watching 'Evil Dead 2' via projector on the wall, love that movie.

We went had breakfast met up with more of the midfur lot and suited for a bit up until the opening ceremony http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-6hCR0o47I Seeing this is my first time at a furry convention (not my first convention though) and first time with a full suit I desided to only partial it for the opening as we were planning to nip out for a pizza right after and I needed to change pretty quickly. Right after this eight of us all piled into two vehicles and went to Nuneaton for a 32" square pizza called 'The Beast' On arrival the group ordered two, giving 6 slices per person and had a eat off to see which team to who could finish it (Team B only left a slice and a half between us Team A left 4). Budger was the winner taking one for the team and managing to cram in 7 slices X3.
We did planning on doing the pub quiz but were late back from the pizza place and decided to skip it rather than inturrupting it after it'd started and just went back and had another party in the Triumph bar in the hotel

Morning got up early had breaky Budger went off to nap a little more while myself Pye and Chad went to the 'Your First Convention' thingy even though we all pretty much knew the stuff already it was still fun and really any Fur attendeing a con for the first time should really take the time to attend this as they do give out some worthwhile advice. In the afternoon we watched the Medieval Warfare show out around in the back carpark http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdeOh-Tic8U and then went on to the Fursuit Fiasco http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9eLmeP21fk I'd have loved to take part but my suit has some movement restrictions that would have hampered me too much and I didn't want to risk accidentally ripping it so I partialed for a little then went to 'The Rock Knight' where we all danced about like baffons XD

After breakfast we hung out a little outside before headed to do the Frankensuits then then got the full suit on for the Fursuit Parade right after http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrKLi1xvhKE (2:30 - 2:40), http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afNJc7w1w6Y& (2:54 - 3:12) & http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twHSU5w2nJU (3:45 - 4:30)
I think Budger is more convinced to want to get a suit now too after taking art in the frankensuit we taped him into XD (He's not far behind me in the above videos)
After that we looked around the dealers den before we met up with Shrikii (sp), Khran and Arokh at the Motorfurs before going to see The Savannah Revolution http://www.furaffinity.net/user/savannahrevolution/ play live, really enjoyed their show, hope that they'll be able to make another appearance over here in the future, I managed to pick up one of their posters after being outbid on the signed one in the art show, going to have to get it framed it's a really nice poster too.

Was mostly me messing about in suit with the inflatable pokeball, I know someone got it on video but not found them or where it's uploaded yet (I think it was Omni) after which I went off to shower and rest while Budge and most of the midfurs went to the Auction I wandered back past as the Metrosexual Bats were up, I so wanted to bid on them but decided I'd better not (which was a good thing as I got home to an Electric Bill X..x). The Fursuit dance contest was on after that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdKOqkL1C_Q didn't attend so very glad for the uploaded videos of it so we could see what we missed. This was followed by the closing ceremony and the announcement video for the move to the new location http://vimeo.com/67653467 Sunday night was vast amounts of drinking night mostly because it was the last chance we'd get before having to drive back the following afternoon (don't worry we were legal to do it by the time we left)

Popped into the Yard Sale and collected up some little odds and ends got the set of the door card keys with art by Greevixor http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10768764/ as well as a set of the postcards from the 2012 CFz

And to finish up on it seems lost and found will have a funny list of things awaiting to be clamed!

[23:22:45] Flux Capacitor: oh yeah Dray any idea when the lost property lists will be up Tokala left his coat in the room before they left the hotel
[23:23:25] Chad: I left my dignity
[23:23:53] Drayygon Skynoadar: Cucumber, Kleenex, KY lube...they got handed into ConOps together...
[23:24:07] Gallifreyan: LMAO
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26. Frantic Eufuria 7 (Sat 20th April)

So the one night event was turned into a mini 'Cruxcon2013(part1)' that started and ended at my place but had many little mini adventures thoughout.

So we started out on the Friday when Budger, Pye & Drayggon all arrived at mine where they'd be crashing over and after a rather brief session of laughing at the terrifying old suits from Disneyland in the 1950's we decided that we would head off to the Cinema and see the new 'Evil Dead' and as a fan of the originals I can say I really enjoyed it, they made a nice lot of reference's to the originals without just rehashing them, the film stand up well on it's own and I would recommened going to see it if you liked the originals if just to see what a nice job they did with this new version.

After this we decided to go get a slab of pork for dinner, it was a large chunk of pork, a very very large piece of pork, a lump so big it lasted the four of us for two whole days, it was a chunk that will be infamously known as the "3am Pork" for quite some time.

Saturday, Event day, the day Dray arranged for a quick motor fur session, the day myself and Budger made the quick run in the car to the Parcel Force to pay the customs on and collect my new Crux head, after the customs guys pulled some numbers randomly out of their collective buttocks we paid and returned with the head and had time for a quick trial run while Dray and Pye headed on down to the yha, and Dray went off for his motorfur session.

Myself and Budger followed down about half hour later and after taking a couple brief distraction stops, one for the lady-boys of Bangkok and another for the Italian car/motor bike show at St. Niks market, we finally made it to the yha and dropped off the suiting stuff and caught back up to Dray and Pye.

Next event was the 'Herding of the furs' where you had to guide the pack to the local pub with out losing any along the way which was achieved with minimal loses, I believe they all got there eventually, least we didn't find any cute accidents on the way there or back so no-one was run over afaik.

At the Gryphon everyone settled down had a drink or two and got some food, of which all the fancy meat burgers were sold out within 10 minutes of everyone getting there (Beefy Bison mMmmmmm) and many variations of connect four and identify the beer mat were played, the pink/purple duck one was my fave there.

Eventually everyone made their way back to the yha for more chatter and drinks before the registration opened and everyone made their way in (opened early to allow the folks staying and the early arrivals like our group to get in so as not to block up the front area near the bar as there were a lot of other people staying at the yha) - oh and the folks who were there will get this "Rolf Harris does not approve!"

Anyhow an hour later the first of the DJ's took to the decks and after the first gathering and opening and a fantastic night was had by all for the rest of the night.

The one interruption was from an ex-employee of the yha which was expertly dealt with by the Staff and Security of both the event and the yha so as to cause little disruption to the rest of the attendees (I won't go into any details).

So yeah Frantic Eufuria 7 was a roaring success the DJ's were fantastic just as they were at FE6 and the suit went down well with the other attendees I got to speak with in between the bouts of random flailing that was me trying to dance still sore today but it was totally worth it.

After the event we walked back home crashed out in front of the TV and eventually all went to bed, full of joy, drink and pork.

Sunday after a spell we eventually all woke up and had at least 3 breakfasts each and had fun mst3k'ing the TV before showing Pye and Dray 'The ABC's of Death' and eventually having to get everything packed up and say the goodbyes until next time.

So here I am typing this up for the journal, still a little stiff and sore in the arms but having has a fantastic weekend. Next stop Confuzzled 2013!

[b]Frantic Eufuria 7 was brought to you by the words PORK and MOIST[/b]

:anticon: is uploading pics from the event over the next few days and he's got one of me up already here http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10421651/ but go check out his gallery of photos from some of the UK meets and events, he's a great guy and deserves some more attention for his work.
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25. Costumes and Frantic Eufuria 7

Just got home and now have in my possession the card that'll allow me to get my new head from Customs, hopefully will be picking it up tomorrow morning and will have it in time for FE7 which I wasn't expecting as it was planned to arrive in time for Confuzzled 2013, so all in all it's a bonus that it got here earlier than expected :3
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24. Bin Wars 2

So I get a respone:
"Anna Tyler Cakes I wasn't aware I had used your bin, next time i use the bin outside if my kitchen I will double check the number. I also have never moved your household bin to the front of my kitchen, why the hell would I want it there making it look ugly. And Your message on my window over 2 carrier bags was a little over the top."

The response to this is simple, don't LIE when you have no idea of the evidence I have:

There was FOUR carrier bags of waste 2 of cake remains, one of lemon peels and a forth with general waste including a tub of cream that leaked all inside my bin that I had to wash out afterwards, you have previously snuck bags of garbage into the top of my bin leaving it so the lid doesn't close properly right before collection days - it's pretty obvious from the type of waste in those bags that it's from your shop, and I've let it slide on many occasions but when I have to retrieve my bin constantly from outside your property to bring it in and find it half full of your waste it's starting to take the piss a little.

As for the making it look ugly, I don't think you can talk with that smashed up old dirty recycling bin that really needs to be thrown away that's constantly out front, I at least take my bins IN off the street.

Also you have moved my bin to outside your premises on more than one occasion and I've had to move it back and you cannot deny doing it because you once did it right in front of myself and a friend as we were walking back to my house from the shop and we BOTH saw you do it. I have a witness to that. My bin clearly has my number on it in RED paint and is a larger bin that the one you have with your number in WHITE stickers on it the only way you could make a 'mistake' like that is is you were BLIND. This is NOT the first time I have found rubbish and cake waste dumped in my bin. So don't go trying to act all innocent. You are a business and are not supposed to be using ANY household bin for your waste, we even have brown bins for food waste in this area so that shouldn't even be being put into a black household bin in the first place.
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23. The Bin Issue

So as some folks might have heard before over the past months I've been having issues with the cow running a wedding cake shop next door trying to pilfer and use my household bin for dumping her shop waste in.

We know for a fact she is the one moving my bin to outside her shop and not someone else as both myself and Baz SAW her doing it once when walking up the road from the shops, the bin has my house number 266 painted in RED on it, it's easy to see it's not her bin which has 264 in WHITE on it.

To note as a shop she is supposed to be paying for business waste to be removed not using the black household rubbish bins (food waste is supposed to go in the brown composting bins at least in our area) and it is actually illegal for her to be using a household bin.

So after having to wash my bin out due to the cream leaking from one of the bags she'd dumped in it I stuck a note on the shop window requesting this behaviour to stop and left her rubbish on the doorstep under it to go into HER bins.

Well after a while I looked up her business online and have since left the following message on her facebook and twitter accounts ( http://www.facebook.com/annatylercakes & @annatylercakes )

"Please stop using MY bin for your cake waste, my bin DOES have my house number on it and I'm getting sick of this behaviour."

hopefully she'll cease with this after I reclaimed my bin and dumped the stuff she'd half filled it with on her doorstep, seriously the waste was collected Wednesday she'd half filled my bin by Friday, the collection is once every TWO weeks and I have yet to put a single thing in it.

If she doesn't I may have to start taking photos of every single time it happens and posting them to her facebook & twitter feeds as well as reporting it to the local council because why the hell not, she shows no respect for my property and bin so why should I have to give any back.
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22. Bills and Birthdays

Ugh my birthday is coming up, I don;t think I ever really enjoy it because I always seen to be stuck doing something crappy (have a job centre course appointment on it this year) and any money I get from relatives *ALWAYS* gets eaten up straight away by the household bills that are due at the end of this month.

Yeah this year is no different between the Electric, Water and TV Licence I have roughly £750 in bills due in 2 weeks... when I only get £140 a fortnight to live on this is a huge problem for me :/
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21. News bullshit.

You know on seeing the local newspaper headline of "Bristol man dies playing Call of Duty on his Xbox" you think oh what happened epileptic fit caused by the game, addiction and not eating/drinking/exercising enough no it's way more misleading.

He died of a HEART ATTACK from a know condition the fact he was playing the game was totally IRRELEVANT to the situation, he could have been playing fucking Barbie Horse Adventures and they'd likely have still just brought up the fact he just HAPPENED to be playing a console...

seriously people if you want us to take your journalism seriously QUIT WITH THE IRRELEVANT INFORMATION.

This guy deserved better than this it was a tragic incident from a known condition why the fuck did you feel the need to sensationalise it.
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20. Dust

For the cold season the sun isn't half lovely though my bedroom window this morning, first time in over a week I've managed to sleep well and wake up early despite the cough and the late nights it's been causing.

So anyhoo today I have to clean and such gotta make up for what I couldn't do because of said cough, it was bad enough without the dusting setting it off so had to avoid that a lot ¬..¬